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About Maria Paska


What is a Psychic Medium?

A Psychic Medium is someone who intuitively receives messages for a client from their deceased relatives. Maria Paskiweicz receives these messages through mental “hearing” (clairaudience), mental “seeing” (clairvoyance), and knowing (claircognizance). These messages often draw upon past, present, and future events of the client in order to help guide them through their current stage in life as well as to provide closure over a loved one’s passing.

About Maria

My earliest paranormal experience was when I was nine years old. Although, I later discovered my brother’s memory of my experiences was much earlier. At just three years old each night my mother would put me to bed and I would run out screaming there was someone in my room.

As a small child growing up in a strict catholic home, we never talked about the possible existence of spirits. Yet, deep down, I knew they existed.

As I got older and my awareness heightened, I began to search for answers. From that point on I read everything I could get my hands on to help me to understand this ability. I attended classes and seminars at a metaphysical book store with like-minded people searching for the same answers. Eventually, I realized that I had the ability to interact with the spirit world. Accepting this ability as a gift and not as a curse was not easy. Learning to accept the reactions from family and friends was even harder!

It can not be turned off and it only gets stronger,

One medium told me. So, here I am today, stepping out of my psychic closet!

Not only can I see spirits, but I can hear and communicate with them as well. Spirits show themselves in all different ways. Sometimes I see them in my mind, similar to a memory. Other times I can see them appear before me almost translucent or even as solid as you and I. When spirits communicate with me, I receive it telepathically or intuitively. No matter the way, how they communicate or present themselves never interferes with the importance of the message they want to send.

So, here I am years later growing, striving, learning and eager to help others communicate and heal through the love of their deceased family and friends. Let me know how I can help you


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