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Akashic Readings by Psychic Medium Maria Paskiewicz

Providing Akashic Readings in Billerica

Psychic Medium Maria Paskiewicz is a Certified Soul-Realignment Practitioner, which allows her to access one’s Akashic Record. Akashic records tell the story of your soul over many lifetimes. Akashic Records help you identify both your gifts to be utilized and enhanced in this lifetime. 

How Long Is A Reading?

Akashic readings are generally one hour in length. Residents of Billerica and the surrounding area should prepare in advance for their reading. Preparation includes preparing questions about your purpose, your journey, any challenges you currently face and additional questions you may have.

What Are The Akashic Records

The Akashic record is a soul-level dimension of consciousness. These records contain the soul archive and its journey as a human being throughout multiple lifetimes. “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance,” of which all things are composed. 

Akashic readings are great for exploring your past lives. This session will provide meaning and direction for your current life.

It can help you understand who you are, your purpose and may reveal specific circumstances and underlying conditions outside of the current life.

How Are Akashic Records Accessed?

Akashic records are accessed by developing a conscious relationship with your soul. Maria makes a connection with your Masters and Teachers through an opening prayer.

Unlike a private reading, this type of session is so detailed with information and will line up with one’s  present life. Maria’s clients will leave with a sense of connection and clarity.

How To Prepare For An Akashic Reading

Clients can prepare for their Akashic reading in Billerica by writing down a series of questions in the order of importance. 

Maria allows her client to ask up to seven questions in the 60 minute session. 

Maria suggests questions that relate to your current fears, relationships, successes, trials and tribulations. This is a session filled with information about the client only. Clients cannot access a record of others. 

If you’re looking for an akashic reading in Billerica, contact Psychic medium Maria Paskiewicz today at (978) 382-3018.

“Maria’s reading was comforting and exactly what I needed. She is friendly, personable, insightful, and clearly very connected!”

Susan Daugherty

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