Jamie B.

Maria, connected with my mother in law and said certain things about her that she wouldn’t know unless she connected with her. I was skeptical coming to a group reading as I wasn’t sure how much would apply to me. I really enjoyed the session and seeing her connect for multiple people and bringing more confirmation that my mom is very much around us and seeing all the important things in her family’s lives. We wish she were here physically to enjoy everyone but we know she’s with us every day and Maria helped convey that message with humor and grace! Thank you Maria

Kim R.

Maria is the real deal! I have been to several of her events and have had private readings with her as well. She has helped me in so many ways to understand the messages I receive and feelings and emotions that I experience. I have been a messenger for many and I find great comfort in the fact that I am the one chosen to give the messages to those who need to hear it.

Karen F.

Maria is always “spot on” with my readings. The comfort of knowing my loved ones are fine is very therapeutic. I enjoy the readings because you never know who will come through with a message.

Monica B.

Right on spot was with friends who recognize more what Maria was saying. In hindsight, very enjoyable was also totally correct with friends.

Jeannine M.

I had never done a group reading before and didn’t know what to expect. I was blown away! My dad came through. It was amazing! The things Maria was saying was spot on! I went there excited and a little bit nervous but left there so happy and relieved knowing my dad is ok. Thank you, Maria!

Allison E.

Always look forward to having my loved ones come through. Nice gathering at Moonstones.

Laura B.

Sunday Funday with Maria at Moonstones! The reading was spot on. She interacts with the audience and is therapeutic. Maria captures the room and it is amazing!

Lindsay C.

I was so happy to hear Maria communicate with my loved ones. She was on point and compassionate with delivering the messages.
The brunch idea was amazing!

Indy R.

Great experience. Lots of fun! Good advice.

Wanda C.

Love how all my readings are right on track. Everything is always so accurate. I also love how Maria interacts with the whole crowd!