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Spiritual Readings in Billerica by Psychic Medium Maria Paskiewicz

What is a psychic medium?

A “psychic medium” is someone who intuitively receives messages for a client from their deceased relatives. Maria receives these messages through mental “hearing” (clairaudience), mental “seeing” (clairvoyance), the ability to feel the past, present, and future physical and emotional states of others (clairsentience), and knowing (claircognizance). These messages often draw upon past, present, and future events of the client in order to help guide them through their current stage in life, as well as provide closure over a loved one’s passing.

Providing Psychic Readings In Billerica & The Surrounding Area

Private Readings

A one-on-one session with Maria. These readings are usually 30 or 60 minutes long, but can be longer if a client wishes. Private sessions can be conducted in person, via FaceTime or over the phone.

Group Readings

These readings are a minimum of 8 clients and last for approximately 2 hours. While Maria will try her best, not everyone is guaranteed a reading and all readings will be conducted in front of other clients.

Disclaimer: Although Maria can not guarantee everyone will receive a message and will do her best to read everyone, please keep in mind some of you may indirectly receive a universal message!

Akashic Readings

During this special, 60 minute reading, Maria will connect with her client’s lifelong spiritual guides and unlock messages within their past lives in order to offer them specialized guidance for their present life. It is highly recommended that the client come prepared with at least seven questions they would like to ask about their life.

House Clearings

A spiritual house cleanse is releasing any stagnant, low vibrational, negative energy or any negative entities. In return your home will be filled with higher vibrational energy to create a supportive and more peaceful environment for you and your family to thrive and live in.

Medical Intuitive

A medical Intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who intuitively scans a client’s body for physical and or emotional ailments.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor do I claim to be or practice as one. I do not diagnose or prescribe medication. I will always recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional at your discretion. I can not and will not deny you your right to seek medical advice from a licensed medical professional.

Core Shamanic Practitioner

The basis of Core Shamanism is to have access to one’s roots. It is an exploration to find one’s Truth. A Shaman Practitioner is one who journeys to non ordinary reality in an altered state of consciousness to acquire knowledge and to discover hidden spiritual resources to help transform the lives of their client.

REAP: Remote Energetic Alignment Process

REAP helps to heal and release restricted energy flow from physical, emotional, and psychological pain that our bodies tend to hold onto.

REAP is a board-certified energy healing method and is certified by the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

This healing method is accomplished by using techniques that resonate with 11 different body areas. When these body areas are activated through energy of the practitioner, the body responds, awakens, and releases any negative blocks. By helping remove these negative blocks, your body’s natural healing energy can jump start so your body can then receive positive energy flow and vitality.

Other Services Maria Provides

Soul Retrieval

Anyone who has suffered trauma may have had some loss of their soul, this loss prevents them from feeling fulfilled. Maria can retrieve lost fragments that are detrimental to your healing.

Power Animal Retrieval

Knowing your power animal can help you gain strength, knowledge, and the ability to stay grounded and heal. Maria can discover your power animal and merge it with your current being.

Psychic Medium Maria Paskiewicz

About Maria

Psychic Medium Maria Paskiewicz is a natural born medium. Since the age of three, Maria has been seeing, feeling, hearing and knowing the existence of the energies of the spirit world. It wasn’t until adulthood Maria had met a medium that had helped her understand her ability was a gift not a curse. From that point on Maria began psychic development classes, reading all types of spiritual books, completed many courses and anything that could increase her spiritual knowledge. Still to this day Maria understands the great benefit one will receive after a session so she continues learning and evolving her knowledge and business.

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